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      Acheter 3 blocs de mycélium et plus et recevez 5 $ de rabais par bloc !


       About the farm
      • Where is the mushroom farm situated?

      Our farm is in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood in Montréal, Canada.

      • Is it where you cultivate your mushrooms?

      Yes, we currently have 3 fruiting chambers.

      • What exactly does an ‘urban mushroom farm’ mean?

      For our company, it means, we clone the mycelium in our laboratory, fill up the growing bags with soy and sawdust, sterilize this substrate, sell and deliver our fresh mushrooms and all other products, we do everything there. In this commercial building. In the middle of the city.

      • Can we visit your farm?

      Yes, we are open every day of the week! Here is our address and opening hours.
      We suggest when you visit the farm, if you would like to buy something, pre-order it online to make sure we are going to have exactly what you need in stock when you are coming.

      Learning about mushrooms
      • Do you offer mushroom growing counseling?

      The owner of our company, Michaël Loyer, offers private training and counseling. You can find more information about it here.

      • Do you offer foraging courses?

      No, we don’t.

      • Can I learn how to grow mushrooms at home easily?

      If you would like to grow mushrooms at home indoor or outdoor, we offer 9 different mushroom growing blocks on our website here, with all the details and instructions. You can also find more videos and content about it on our Instagram and Facebook.

      Fresh mushrooms 
      • Are all the mushrooms you grow edible?

      Yes! All our mushrooms have different flavors and textures that makes them so interesting to cook with! You can find more information about them in their descriptions. 

      • Do I have to cook them before eating them?

      Yes, all mushrooms!

      • Do I have to wash them before cooking with them?

      Not necessarily, only the wild mushrooms that are only available during their season. Otherwise, we cultivate our mushrooms indoors all year long in a closed, clean environment. 

      • How should I prepare the fresh mushrooms?

      You can find a description about it here.

      • Do you have any recipe recommendations?

      Yes, we do have a ‘recipes’ page on our website with plenty of amazing recipes. To see them, click here.

      Mushroom growing kits for inside use all year long
      • How to use the mushroom growing kits?

      On the page of each growing kit you can find a detailed description along with a few videos on our social media channels. 

      • What if I have further questions?

      You can always contact us through the chat box on our website, on Instagram or Facebook.

      • How many times can I regrow the mushrooms once they are harvested?

      Another 2 times approximately. The second harvest will be smaller than the first so as the third one. 

      • Do I need a special environment to grow mushrooms at home using your kit?

      No, you don’t. All you need is a fridge to put the block in for 24 hours, then you can just leave it on your kitchen counter to grow and use a spray bottle to water it.

      • How should I store the mushrooms once I harvest them?

      Put them in a paper bag, in the vegetable drawer in your fridge. They should stay fresh for about 5-7 days.

      • What should I do with the block once I don’t use it anymore?

      You can use the substrate as compost in your garden.

      Mushroom growing kits for outside use
      • Around what time of the year I can start to grow mushrooms outside?

      Around the last week of April, when the ground is not frozen anymore and spring starts. 

      • Can I plant them in soil?

      Yes, you can. Just remove the growing kit from the plastic bag and plant it in your garden.

      • How does your used block for 2$ deal work?

      These blocks have been used by us previously, so it won’t be the first time for them to fruit. Minimum purchase is 50 blocks. After removing them from the plastic bag and putting them in your garden, forest or backyard, preferably somewhere with shade, water them like you would any other plant. After they stop fruiting, they become an excellent compost, so you can just break them apart and spread them in your garden. 

      Our gourmet mushroom products
      • I have certain allergies. Where can I find the ingredients for the products?

      Their ingredients are written on each product's page and you can also find them on their package too. 

      • How long can I store your products?

       All products that are in a glass jar before opening can be stored for a year in room temperature and two years in the fridge.
      After opening, pickles can be stored in the fridge for 6 months, rillette for 10 to 14 days, cream and spaghetti sauce for 10 days. If you have some cream or spaghetti sauce left, you can put them in a freezer friendly package and simply freeze them.

      Dried products, like jerky, poutine sauce and dried mushrooms should be kept in a cool, dried environment, as you would store your spices. They stay fresh for up to 12 months.

      • Does your coffee taste like mushrooms?

      No, it doesn’t. It’s an espresso mix and it has chocolate and caramel flavors. We use reishi and cordyceps extract in it for their benefits.

      • Is it ground?

      No, we sell them whole beans.


      Virtual gift card
      • Where can I buy a gift card?

      You can purchase it online in our Gourmet Mushroom Product page or just by clicking here.

      • How does it work?

      After purchasing it, you are going to receive the gift card in email with a code that you can use at the check-out to pay with it.

      • Will it ever expire?


      • Can I use it at the farm or in your store?

      No, it is a virtual card, so you can only use it for online purchases. But you can always choose to pick-up your order at the farm or in our store if you would like to visit us!

      Delivery and pick-up
      • Do you deliver everywhere in Canada?

      There are certain products we can only deliver in Montréal’s area. Our fresh mushrooms and frozen products, for quality reasons.
      All our other products can be sent by mail everywhere in Canada.

      You can see below where we can deliver all of our products, including the fresh and frozen ones:


      Postal codes:
      Laval: H7A ***, H7C ***, H7E ***, H7G ***, H7N ***, H7V ***, H7W ***

      Island of Montréal: H9H ***, H9R ***, H9G ***, H9A ***, H9P ***, H9B ***, H9S ***, H8* ***, H4* ***, H3* ***, H2* ***, H1* ***, H5* ***

      South shore: J4* ***, J3X ***, J3E ***, J3V ***, J3Y ***

      • What are the delivery prices?

      Local delivery : Up until 59.99$ it’s 10$. Over that, delivery is free.

      Delivery fee varies outside of Montréal and its region. You can see the price at the check-out, before payment.

      • Do you have pick-up points?

      Yes, you can pick-up your order at the farm in Montréal or in our store at Saint-Bruno. You can choose either of them at the payment section. 

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