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      Acheter 3 blocs de mycélium et plus et recevez 5 $ de rabais par bloc !

      Used blocks $2/block
      Used blocks $2/block
      Used blocks $2/block
      Used blocks $2/block

      Used blocks $2/block

      Regular price $100.00
      Unit price  per 

      At Les 400 Pieds de Champignon, we constantly strive to support nature in every way possible. This is why we provide you with our used blocks to create your own mushroom farm at home.

      The block that has already fruited more than 3 times no longer has the food necessary to reproduce. However, the mycelium being still active, can be returned to the soil. You can bury it in your garden with leafy vegetables, in the undergrowth behind the house or in a cool, damp place. In addition to being excellent compost, mycelium has a chance of finding the elements necessary to regenerate. You will get harvests throughout the summer season. 

      You can transplant the blocks at any time of the season, from the first thaw to our late autumns.

      We strive to offer a mix of all our varieties per order.

      Reserve your blocks now, and we will contact you to select a pickup time. 

      Available every week


      Minimum purchase: 50 blocks

      Pickup only


      Fruiting Guidelines:
      1) Remove the blocks from the bag.

      2) Bury them in a cool, damp place.

      example: undergrowth, garden, a shady corner of the land. 

      3) You can add wood chips, a few dead leaves or rehydrated wood pellets. (Possibility to purchase on site)

      4) Water abundantly to moisten the soil.

      5) Let mother nature do its work. 


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