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      Lion's Mane Mushrooms
      Lion's Mane Mushrooms

      Lion's Mane Mushrooms

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      Hericium erinaceus 

      Lion's Mane, is often called Satyr's Beard, Bearded Tooth Mushroom, Bearded Hedgehog Mushroom or Pom pom mushroom.

      It is both a medicinal and gourmet mushroom.

      The texture is similar to crab or lobster meat, which makes it an excellent vegan meat substitute - or even a shell fish substitute if you're allergic!

      It does have a seafood like flavor, but not too strong or overwhelming.

      We also like to use it as a piece of vegan "steak".


      These mushrooms should not be eaten raw.
      Store the mushrooms in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator in a paper bag.

      All our mushrooms are grown without pesticides and fertilizers.

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