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      Mushroom ramen recipe

      A quick and easy soup recipe for the cold months inspired by Japanese cuisine!

      Ingredients for 2 person:

      For decoration: 

      • 2 green onions
      • 2 sheets of nori
      • 2-3 pinches of sesame seeds


      First, defrost your ramen broth overnight or in the microwave.

      Prepare your vegetables by cutting your bok choy in half, shredding your carrot with a peeler, removing the base of your bouquet of enokis and slicing your bell pepper and green onions. I also used nori sheets as a decoration and I quarter folded (‘french folded’) them then cut them with a scissor.

      After that, start to boil water for the noodles in a big pot.

      Place the egg in a smaller pot, fill it with water until your egg is fully covered, then turn on the heat. Once the water starts to boil, cook your egg for 4 minutes and let it sit in ice cold water for a bit.

      By this time, probably your water is boiling for your noodles. Prepare them following the instructions on the package.

      To prepare your vegetables, put a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a pan and turn on the heat medium-high. Sauté your bok choy on each side for about 3 minutes, same with the pepper, mushrooms then the carrotes.

      Once everything is prepared, heat up your ramen broth boiling hot. 

      Place your noodles at the bottom of your bowl, then put your vegetables over it and place the nori sheets on the side of the bowl. With a ladle, pour over the boiling hot broth and as a final touch decorate your plate with green onion and sesame seeds.

      Bon appétit !

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