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      The best cooking method to taste mushrooms

      In our first blog post, we wanted to show you one of the best methods to cook mushrooms.

      - 30 milliliters of canola/sunflower oil
      - pinch of sea salt
      - 100-120 grams of Armillaire Ventru

      Today, we’re using a wild mushroom that is in season right now, the Armillaire Ventru.

      This mushroom has a mild, slightly sweet flavor. Even after cooking the texture stays crispy, so it's an excellent ingredient for stews and stir-fries.
      First, it's important to wash wild mushrooms as they might still have some dirt on them. Than pat dry them with brown paper or a towel. (Even better if you have a mushroom brush!)

      It’s not necessary to do so with cultivated ones.
      Then cut the mushrooms into equal sizes. We cut them in half first then sliced them length-wise and chopped them into little squares.

      Use a pan to sauté the mushrooms on very high heat.
      It is really important to use vegetable or sunflower oil because if we start with butter or olive oil, it will burn and make the mushrooms taste bitter.
      Turn on the heat, pour in the oil and when it's hot add the mushrooms.

      For this amount of mushroom, we are using around 30 milliliters of canola oil.
      Let them sauté on one side for about 3 minutes, stir and cook them for about another 2 minutes.

      At the very end, add a generous pinch of salt, mix the mushrooms again, then turn off the heat.

      Place your mushrooms on brown paper to absorb the excess oil.

      And voilà! Bonne dégustation!

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