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      Christmas yule log with mushroom chocolate

      Deux Voisines x Les 400 Pieds de Champignon

      If you have been following our work for a while now you have seen another wonderful recipe and photos that Deux Voisines has created for you with our products.
      For the holiday season, we would like to surprise you with another one!

      This is a chocolate yule log, Bûche de Noël. The chocolate contains lion's mane mushroom which may have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immune system boosting abilities.



      • 6 eggs, room temperature
      • 1/2 cup sugar
      • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
      • 1/4 cup lion's mane mushroom hot chocolate mix
      • 2 teaspoon baking powder
      • a clean, slightly damp kitchen towel




      1. Preheat your oven to 400F. Line a 18 by 13 baking sheet with parchment leaving a half inch hang on all sides. Coat the parchment sheet with oil or butter.
      2. Whip the eggs and sugar at high speed for 10-12 minutes. The egg mixture should be light in colour and fluffy.
      3. Sift the other ingredients onto the egg and sugar mixture and fold it in gently.
      4. Bake for 8-10 minutes until the cake is fully baked in the center. (While the cake is in the oven you can start your icing).
      5. Place the clean damp kitchen towel over the hot cake, and beginning from one extremity, roll the cake onto itself, and slowly remove the parchment paper at the same time. Allow the cake to cool on a rack still wrapped in the towel.


      1. Melt the two chocolates in a water bath. Let it cool down during the next step.
      2. In another bowl, whip the cream until medium peaks. Gently incorporate the mascarpone, melted chocolate, icing sugar to the whipped cream. Keep refrigerated until ready.


      1. Gently unroll the cake. Spread half of the filling on top of the cake.
      2. Roll the cake not too tightly that the filling comes out, but enough that it is holding together along its long side.
      3. Cream the outside of the log.
      4. Refrigerate for 30 minutes minimum. Serve cold.


      Thank you Deux Voisines for the recipes and the great photos!
      If you want to know more about them:
      Site web

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